Earthquake Mitigation Services

Services for all phases of your earthquake mitigation process

Where to Start

The key to any successful "Hazard Mitigation Program" is knowledge. Gaining true understanding of your organization and how it works are key elements in creating an effective strategy. A critical part of your contingency plan should include prioritizing the areas that offer the most risk or exposure should an earthquake or other disaster occur, and what steps are necessary to minimize that exposure.

WorkSafe Technologies can help you evaluate and prioritize by first surveying your facilities to see what really needs to be done and to what level of detail. Our hazard inspections are FEMA approved and provide detail from sub-floor to above the ceiling. We have successfully inspected over 100 buildings since the Northridge earthquake and have helped our customers identify the true hazards that need to be addressed.

Innovative Solutions

WorkSafe Technologies has developed a broad range of products to fasten and secure all types of important equipment, furnishings, even computer floors. No one can match the extensive line of products or the specialty fabrication services that we offer.

Innovations such as QuakeMats™, IsoMats™, SeismaLoks™, and SeismaFlex™ brackets are just a few examples of our true understanding of customer needs. In fact, QuakeMats™ have become the “standard” of many Fortune 500 companies based on their performance in the Northridge earthquake and because of their maintenance-free design that ensures long term effectiveness. We have also developed many specialty products for critical environments such as computer rooms, laboratories, hospitals and clean rooms that meet their unique design requirements.

The Value of Service

The final component of a quality hazard mitigation program is to obtain the highest level of service to properly implement and maintain it. WorkSafe Technologies service technicians are experienced at fastening and securing items in all types of specialty work environments such as computer rooms, clinical and research laboratories, hospitals and medical facilities, telecommunication rooms, audio/visual labs, studios, HazMat storage areas, records storage areas and clean rooms.

Experience Counts

WorkSafe Technologies technicians are outfitted with the highest quality tools obtainable for working in critical and controlled environments. All power tools are properly shielded against white-noise and RFI. Also, we use only highly-sensitive HEPA filtered vacuums to capture even the most minute particles, including concrete dust which is a health hazard if not properly contained.

WorkSafe technicians are so well trained that most of the work in these specialty environments can be done while the systems are live! That means little or no downtime to implement a safety fastening program.

Keeping Things Safe!

WorkSafe Technologies can develop a maintenance agreement with scheduled safety checks to ensure the proper fastening of equipment, and to secure any new items. This can be extremely useful if your organization tends to move equipment often, as it ensures the fasteners have been re-installed properly. Safety checks in the data center environment can be done in conjunction with our environmental cleaning and decontamination services, for better economy.