Monitor SwivelStraps™ (2pk)

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Monitor SwivelStraps™ secure old style and new flat monitor to the desktop surface.

The swivel plate can be attached in any convenient location on both the monitor and desktop. The strap will then swivel to conform to the best directional pull. Since the pull is from the center of the plate, the adhesive holding power is maximized.

The straps can be detached at the quick-release buckle if the monitor needs to be moved.

Package of two 1” x 18” adjustable nylon webbing straps, each with a 1.25” x 3” painted steel plate with swivel action at either end. Plates have 3M® VHB™ adhesive backing.

Available in black or putty.


  • Designed to secure desktop flat screen monitors to the surface
  • Swivel action allows easy monitor adjustment
  • "Quick-release" buckle for instant access
  • Straps self-adjust to proper angle,maximizing adhesive strength
  • Attach to desk with swivel "T" clip