Seismic Resistant Cabinet Door Latch (5 latch Min.)

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Minimum Purchase:
5 units

The Seismic resistant cabinet door latch has a locking mechanism that will not allow the cabinet door to open unless the mechanism is triggered by a "pulling" action. Cabinet latch

Upper or lower cabinets containing heavy items or glassware should receive "positive locking" cabinet latches in order to prevent a potential disaster in an earthquake.

These latches have proven to be the most user friendly since they do not require a series of motions like child safety latches. Our cabinet latches work with any standard 8/32" thread style knob.Installed latch

The "pull the knob" latch is attached to the inside of the cabinet door and opens when the knob is pulled. The latch has a metal body with metal latch plate and works on cabinet doors up to 3/4" thick. Picture shows assorted length knob screws included in kit. Can be installed with latch up or down.

For orders of 25 pieces and up, please specify door thickness in notes. (5 latch Minimum)

This is the latch mechanism only; you supply the cabinet knob. For a latch with a chrome knob included see Seismic Resistant Cabinet Door Latch with Knob.


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