Super Unibracket™ Floor Anchoring Kit 2x12

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Super Unibracket Floor Anchoring Kits are specially designed for securing large freestanding laboratory bank refrigerators, ovens, incubators and ice machines, etc.

The Unibrackets attach to the item with an adhesive backed Stainless steel studded rivet plate and anchor to the floor.

The studded rivet plate has 12 square inches of 3M® VHB™ of 3M® VHB™ #4956 (F) adhesive backing, which offers over 1000 lbs of holding strength.

The plate's Stainless steel flush mount rivets adds another 2000 lbs. of holding power.

These brackets have slots for height adjustments and a radiused bend that alleviates the levering effect on the floor end when subjected to sudden ground movements.

The brackets are corrosion-proof making them ideal for use in laboratories or clean room environments where corrosion is a problem.

Super Unibracket™ Detachable Floor Anchoring Kit Includes:

  • (2) 2"x12" SS Brackets,
  • (2) 3"x4" SS Stud Plates
  • (2) 1/2" Drop in seismic anchors

For 3M™ Tape Specification sheet click here.pdf


  • Designed to secure free standing equipment in laboratories or clean room environments to a rear-mount channel
  • No drilling into item is necessary
  • Stainless steel prevents corrosion problems
  • Directly anchor item to the floor or to a Unistrut® channel
  • Ideal for free-standing lab hoods, etc.

Allows items to be removed without removing floor bolts.


Bracket 10 Gauge Stainless steel with bright finish
UBC 2212S - 2" x 12" w/(5) 1/2" x 1"
slotted adjustment points
Anchor 1/2" seismic rated drop-in concrete anchors
Plate 3" x 4" Stainless steel rivet stud plates
w/1/2" x 3/4" protruding stud
w/3M® VHB™ adhesive backing