About Us

ergotron-33-341-200-worksurface-inuse1.jpgWorkSafe Technologies of Northern California began its business story in mid-1990 as a seismic safety and security lock-down product sales division of Parkin Security Consultants.  Our products and services expanded from protecting desk top equipment from being stolen or falling during an earthquake to a broad product line of ergonomic safety solutions, including the protection of very expensive bio-lab equipment and highly specialized IT-server protection. The WorkSafe Technologies Division was spun off in April of 2002.

WorkSafe has been a long term supplier / installer of seismic safety solutions to bio-laboratory and hospital environments. We understand the difficulties of performing this type of work in active laboratory environments.

WorkSafe Technologies continues to be the premier "base isolation" solution provider for IT server locations in seismically active zones through installation of the patented Iso-Base™ seismically isolated platforms. Visit www.worksafetech.com to find more information on the Iso-Base™ product line.

Our e-commerce site is tailored to the needs of individuals and small businesses, providing a wide variety of ergonomic, safety and security products for specialty applications and custom needs.

We work closely with licensed ergonomists to tailor their prescribed solutions to minimize repetitive stress injuries of employees in the workplace.

We can also custom build security locking solutions for high value equipment as well as supplying the more common cable systems available for lap-top computers, conference room phones and projectors.

If you have any ergonomic, security or seismic mitigation needs, please call us at 888-370-8838 or contact us through this website.