Cart to Wall Lab Strap Kit

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TSCW 2136B
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Our Cart-to-Wall Lab Strap Kits *are ideal to secure wheel mounted carts to wall studs for security.

Hooks are attached to the Stainless steel mounting plates on the wall when strapping is desired.

These straps are normally installed in the back of the item out of view for better aesthetics.

This fastening system is ideal for Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Clean Room environments because of its' cleanliness and adaptability.

TekStraps™ are made of a special non-corrosive and non-porous coated material that does not absorb liquids and prevents the growth of fungus and bacteria.

*Also known as Hospital Cart Straps.

Cart to wall strap


  • Heavy-Duty TekStraps™ for efficiently securing carts to a wall
  • Bio-Coated TekStraps™ are non-corrosive, easy to clean, and will not host bacteria or fungus
  • Hooks allow quick and easy access to cart
  • Kits include all hardware
  • Simple installation, high strength security
  • Strapping available in black and putty


Strap (2) Heavy-duty
Bio-coated straps with (4)
Stainless steel keeper hooks
Plate (4) Stainless steel mounting plates
Color Black or Putty
Kit Configuration Kit includes all hardware