Blue Ribbon Safety


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Blue Ribbon Safety

Dump-Lok is an engineering breakthrough in dump truck safety. The Dump-Lok steel braces, now come in the new Universal design, lock your truck's dump bed in the raised position, preventing it from falling in cases of system failure or operator error. Plus, Dump-Lok safely holds dump beds at angles higher than most dump truck manufacturer body props, giving workers safe access to more areas underneath the dump bed.

"We at Worksafe take employee safety seriously and feel this unique product falls in line with our mission to provide another line of products to mitigate injury or death."

Prevent Dump Bed Accidents and Fatalities with Dump-Lok!

Each year, hundreds of serious injuries and fatalities occur when unsecured, or improperly secured, dump beds fall while workers are performing dump truck maintenance. Dump-Lok solves that dangerous problem.

*The Universal Dump-Lok steel braces are strictly intended to be used as a pair. There is no left or right, they are interchangeable.

•Dump-Lok can be used universally on any brand of dump box.

•Dump-Lok can safely hold dump beds at higher angles than manufacturer props, giving employees safe access to a wider area underneath the dump bed.

•Dump-Lok steel braces fit up to a 4.5 inch flange - the standard dump truck flange is 3.5 inches.

•Dump-Lok is designed with easy to grip handles, making each steel brace easy to carry and easy to install between the truck frame and dump box.

•Dump-Lok fulfill's OSHA's recommendation for employers to protect employees from the hazards faced when working under a raised dump truck dump body by using an alternative "truck bed brace bracket". (OSHA SHIB 09-18-2006). See Hazards of Unintended Movement of Truck Beds .PDF for OSHA recommendations.

•For installation demonstration see: Dump-Lok Video

What's in the flat rate per shipment cost:

*One pair of Universal Dump-Lok steel braces, which replaces the original design. 

(If ordering more than one pair, the shipping can be calculated separately by calling 888-370-8838 or complete the Contact Us form)