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The Evoluent™ VerticalMouse™ 4 (VM4R) has a patented new shape that supports your hand in a relaxed handshake position and eliminates arm twisting.

The Evoluent VerticalMouse™ 4 is the advanced fourth generation of the revolutionary mouse that amazingly relieved wrist and arm pain (according to many user reports). The shape has been further refined in subtle details based on the ergonomic lessons learned from the previous two generations. Evoluent Twisted arm

Once you experience the superior comfort, you will never go back to ordinary mice. The grip is the same as an ordinary mouse, just turned sideways, and the buttons are operated by the same fingers. There is virtually no retraining necessary.

  • The mouse does not move sideways when clicking with normal force.
  • Pointer control is as accurate as any other good mouse.
  • Six buttons -- are programmable with 59 selectable functions each with Windows driver,
  • Special features such as:
    • vertical scroll -press a button and drag the mouse to scroll with greater precision and control than the scroll wheel,
    • auto click - automatically perform a double click by pausing the pointer,
    • click lock - press and hold a button momentarily to simulate continued pressing without holding down the button.
  • New! Adjustable laser sensor. Pointer speed controls on the side allow convenient adjustment without even releasing your grip from the mouse.
  • New! Improved thumb rest. The thumb rest has been reshaped to provide even more comfort over earlier versions.
  • New! Pointer speed indicators. Top mounted LEDs show through the chrome thumb rest to indicate selected pointer speed including extra low (XL), low (LO), MD (medium), to high (HI).
  • New! Two thumb buttons. A new bottom thumb button provides greatly extended functionality when used with the included driver.
  • New! Lighted Evoluent logo. The logo is pure eye candy. The illumination turns off when the system is in sleep mode to conserve notebook battery power.
  • New! Extended lip prevents rubbing. An extra wide lip along the bottom edge prevents the last finger from rubbing the desk.
  • New! Powerful and intuitive driver. Evoluent Mouse Manager for Windows provides extensive but easy to use functionality for 6 buttons through a simple and intuitive interface.

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