Evoluent VerticalMouse™ 4 - Wireless


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The Evoluent™ VerticalMouse™ 4 Wireless is the advanced third generation of the revolutionary mouse from the inventor of the handshake grip. (Presently available only in right hand)

Evoluent Twisted arm

Once you experience the superior comfort, you will never go back to ordinary mice. The grip is the same as an ordinary mouse, just turned sideways, and the buttons are operated by the same fingers. There is virtually no retraining necessary.

  • The mouse does not move sideways when clicking with normal force.
  • Pointer control is as accurate as any other good mouse.
  • Five buttons -- four are programmable with 59 selectable functions each with Windows driver,
  • Special features such as:
    • vertical scroll -press a button and drag the mouse to scroll with greater precision and control than the scroll wheel,
    • auto click - automatically perform a double click by pausing the pointer,
    • click lock - press and hold a button momentarily to simulate continued pressing without holding down the button.

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