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GATE-LOK-SC with Scraper* prevents injuries to employees caused by improperly secured gates on trailers and dump-trucks.  The patent-pending, easy-to-use design, safely secures the gate in the open position while unloading or during maintenance. The Standard size is designed for full size dump trucks and trailers, and coming soon, the “Shorty” , Model GL-99SH, has a shortened length and is ideal for one ton and ton and a half contractor dumps.
*Optional scraper model GL-100SC can be used to clear debris such as rock, sand and asphalt from the spreader pan and tailgate area.  Constructed of durable steel.

"We at Worksafe take employee safety seriously and feel this unique product falls in line with our mission to provide another line of products to mitigate injury or death."

Prevent Dump Bed Accidents and Fatalities with Gate-Lok!

Each year, hundreds of serious injuries and fatalities occur when unsecured, or improperly secured, dump gates slam shut while workers are performing routine tasks. Gate-Lok solves that dangerous problem.

•Gate-Lok can be used universally on any brand of dump box.

•Gate-Lok is designed with an easy to grip handle, making the brace easy to carry and easy to install between the truck frame and rear gate.

What's in the shipment:

*One Gate-Lok-SC steel brace with scraper.