Guardian Privacy Screen - Assorted Widescreen Sizes

Guardian Privacy Filters

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LCD Frameless Privacy Widescreen Filter


Our Guardian filters let more light through than the competition while still greying out the screen when viewed from the side to keep the on-screen data unreadable. Reversible for either glossy or matte (anti-glare) finish.


Privacy filters take the hit from fingerprints and scratches. Easy to remove, wipe clean, and reposition on your screen.



NOTE: Wide screen monitor size is a diagonal measurement.
For a proper fit, do not include the plastic on the monitor, or laptop case in the measurement.


Monitor Dimensions
Part#Fits Monitor SizeFilter Diagonal MeasurementFilter Viewing Area Height x Width
FLTR-19W 19" LCD (Widescreen) 19" 10.118" x 16.177"
FLTR-20.1W 20" LCD (Widescreen) 20.1" 10.705" x 17.102"
FLTR-22W 22" LCD (Widescreen) 22" 11.68" x 18.67"
FLTR-24W 24" LCD (Widescreen) 24" 12.78" x 20.43"


  • Meets Regulations
    • HIPPA
      Protects the confidentiality of healthcare information
    • Gramm-Leach-Bliley
      Requires that financial information be kept private
    • CIPA
      Mandates privacy in public schools and libraries
    • FISMA
      Information security of federal agencies, contractors and others that handle federal data


  • Helps resolve compliance in the following industries:
    • Financial
    • Healthcare
    • Government
    • Schools and Libraries