Humanscale 5G-500-FMP Keyboard Tray


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For a larger keyboard tray that accommodates both keyboard and mouse:

  • The Humanscale Big Board Keyboard Tray Platform, is large enough to accommodate both keyboard and mouse. Palm supports easily move from left to right to allow mousing on either side of the platform (27" w x 10 5/8" d).
  • The Humanscale 5G Freedom Arm adjustable arm mechanism with independent height and tilt adjustment, unmatched stability and simple dial-a-tilt keyboard angle adjustability.


  • Humanscale 5G Freedom adjustable arm.
  • Humanscale 27" 500 keyboard tray
  • Optional 20" and 7" Foam wrist supports with synthetic leather covers.
  • 21" under counter mounting slide, and all installation hardware.

To illuminate your workspace, see the Humanscale Element LED