Humanscale 6G-300-90H Clip Mouse Keyboard System w/ 6G Arm


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A complete keyboard tray solution consisting of:

  • Clip Mouse The Humanscale 300 Curved Keyboard Platform
    This platform supports most “ergonomic” keyboards, such as the Microsoft Natural Keyboard, and is compatible with any of our mouse platform options.(20 3/4" w x 9 1/2" d).
  • The 6G Freedom Arm adjustable arm mechanism with independent height and tilt adjustment, unmatched stability and simple dial-a-tilt keyboard angle adjustability.
  • The Clip Mouse: the only mousing platform that lets users adjust their mousing position in all three dimensions for maximum comfort. With height, depth, lateral and tilt adjustability, it can be positioned where it’s needed for truly custom support. It can also be easily moved from one side of the keyboard to the other for left- or right-handed use.


  • Humanscale 300 keyboard tray.
  • Humanscale 90H 8.5" clip mouse tray.
  • Humanscale 6G adjustable mechanism.
  • 21" under counter mounting slide, and all installation hardware.

To illuminate your workspace, see the Humanscale Element LED