Humanscale Footrest FR300


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The Humanscale Footrest, with its ball-bearing, roller design encourages gentle rocking of your feet in the same way a rocking chair encourages movement. This rocking motion uses most of your lower leg muscles and increases healthful circulation. The Foot Machine also performs as a standard foot rest, providing support for the legs and relieving pressure on the lower back. Solid hardwood platform with side frames that are injection molded plastic for strength and durability. The powder coated steel frame with rubber rests keeps the unit from slipping on hard surfaces. Pamper your feet! They deserve it!


  • Solid Hardwood platform
  • Steel frame
  • Phenolic side supports
  • Rubber pads
  • Plastic knobs
  • Dimensions: 16” W x 11.875” D
  • Height range: 3.75' to 6.75"
  • Metal finish: Brushed Aluminum
  • Natural Wood Finish