Lab Bottle Holder

Worksafe Technologies

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LBH 785S


Worksafe Technologies Lab Bottle Holders keep dangerous chemicals such as acids or other hazardous materials secured in place on the countertop.

Primary concerns during an earthquake are the safety of your equipment and the safety of your employees. When securing multi-million dollar laboratory equipment, one may overlook low-tech hazards such as chemical storage bottles.

Our special design keeps bottles upright, with two sides open, allowing for the easy reading of bottle contents to avoid potentially catastrophic lab accidents.

Protecting your equipment may be priority number one, but don't forget to protect your workers!

Lab Bottle Holder Lab Bottle Holder Lab Bottle Holder


  • Designed to contain gallon bottles of hazardous chemicals commonly found on lab workbench counters
  • Keeps bottle captive on all sides yet leaves two sides open for viewing contents label
  • Rubber friction bottom prevents bottle from sliding off the countertop
  • Easy to clean Stainless steel that will not corrode
  • For bottles 5" to 7" in diameter


  • 20 gauge stainless steel
  • 7" x 8" x 5" with 6.5" diameter cut
  • Rubber friction bottom