Lab Countertop "L" Bracket

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This heavy duty stainless steel Lab Countertop "L" Bracket,  was designed specifically for laboratory environments.

They are easy to clean, corrosion proof and can be quickly removed and replaced when servicing requires relocation of the fastened item.

These brackets are ideal for securing countertop equipment that is in a semi-permanent location such as centrifuges, small refrigerators, incubators, small furnaces, and similar equipment.

This system is easily installed and can be quickly disconnected for service or repair by simply undoing the wing nuts on the mounting plates.

"L" Bracket 3- Piece "L" Bracket System "L" Bracket 2/4 point system



  • Stainless steel Lab Countertop "L" Bracket secure countertop lab instruments in Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Clean Room environments
  • Designed to secure instruments to the countertop in a "4-point" or "2-point" offset manner
  • Easily installed and disconnected for service or repair
  • No drilling necessary, 3M® (#4930) adhesive plates
    simply attach to sides of item and counter


  • LB-2236S Kit : 2 - Stainless Steel L brackets and 4 - Stainless Steel Stud Plates
  • LB-4236S Kit : 4 - Stainless Steel L brackets and 8 - Stainless Steel Stud Plates


Bracket 3" x 6" 16 Gauge stainless steel
Plate 2" x 3" Stainless steel w/3M® VHB™ adhesive backing
Kit Configuration "2-point" fastening kit - LB 2236S
"4-point" fastening kit - LB 4236S