No Lift Empty Pallet Mover

Engineered Process Solutions, Inc.

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The “No-Lift" Empty Pallet Mover allows a worker to move a pallet without lifting a pallet.
It is simple and fun to use:  Tilt-Tilt-Center-Go.
It has an ergonomic design with shock absorbing handle and wheels and it will move in any direction desired.

If ordering more than 2, please call to get freight quote.

The “No-Lift” is a unique safety tool designed for workers to move empty pallets in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations.

The “No-Lift” is designed to move empty pallets and minimize the risk of injuries to workers who need to move an empty pallet.

The “No-Lift” gives all workers equal ability to move empty pallets regardless of the workers’ gender, size, height, or weight.

Proper lifting techniques combined with the proper use of this tool make it one of the safest ways to manually move a pallet.

Available in Safety Orange with a 5-1/8" opening or in Safety Yellow with a 6-1/4" opening.

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