PC Security Cable Kit

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PC Security Cable Kit Product Description:
Two options of installation:

Option A- Fastener attachment
The hex nut fastener is attached to your equipment using existing surface mounted screws or to your desk (screw not supplied). Once installed, the cable can be passed through the fasteners and the screw is concealed. It is made of heavy gauge metal and is putty colored to match your equipment.

Option B- Glue-on Disc attachment
When securing equipment that does not have surface screws use the Kablit Glue-on Disc. This fastener adheres permanently with a commercial strength Loctite® adhesive having a pull force of over 4000 lbs. It can be used on plastic, wood or metal. The cable can be passed through the fastener 20 seconds after installation. The 2" diameter disc is putty colored to match your equipment. Includes adhesive.

Key Features:

  • Secures computers to any immovable object
  • Protects up to 3 peripherals
  • Universal - Fits all equipment
  • Lifetime warranty on all products

Package Includes:

  • 1 - 6' Point-to-Point Cable
  • 1 - Non-Rekeyable Master Lock
  • 2 - Glue-On Discs
  • 2 - Hex Nut Fasteners
  • 1 - Tube Loctite Adhesive

pdf-icon.jpgInstallation Instructions