Progressive Hardware File Cabinet Locking Bar, 2-Drawer

Progressive Hardware

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The FCL-2 Progressive Hardware file cabinet locking bar is the original swing-open security bar that locks every drawer of your office or personal file cabinet. Just pull up slightly on the inner slide bar to simultaneously release all lock points. The spring-loaded hinge swings the bar clear, allowing all file drawers to open. With FileSecure, you have access to files that are unlocked while adjacent file cabinets remain locked. ( 21.5" length). Click here for installation instructions.

*If you have wood file cabinets, please contact us prior to ordering to assure mounting compatibility.

Your bars are shipped standard for installation on the right side of a metal file cabinet or lateral file cabinet. You can easily reverse the inner slide for application on the left side. The inner slide bar interlocks with a locking lug at each drawer opening when in the locked position providing added security. Locking bars are HIPAA Compliance approved.

We recommend the Sesamee Combination Padlock or the economical  Abus Padlock 55/40 Brass Padlock for use with the file cabinet locking bar. If using your own padlock, be sure it is a 40mm padlock and has a ¼" diameter shackle.

[Formerly the Medeco FileSecure™ Locking Bar or Multi-Lock Locking Bar]

 filecabinetlockopen.jpgFile Cabinet Lock Open