QuakeMat™ - Pads (Assorted Sizes)

Worksafe Technologies

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For items with a low center of gravity, QuakeMats™ are the most innovative and popular method of providing earthquake fastening without drilling or applying adhesives to the desktop or item.

These high friction foam pads are made of a high-density polymer that creates open “micro-cells” that grip both the surface top and the item's base like suction cups. Simply place the QuakeMat™ under the item and it is instantly secured from seismic motion. QuakeMats™ are 5/16” thick and made of a proprietary formula containing PVC. A polyester fabric inside the QuakeMats™ prevents tearing.

The soft foam material works both as a high-friction/non-slip surface and as a base isolator helping the item resist the first moment of inertia that causes the item to launch or topple.

This form of fastening computer and office equipment is convenient and easy to use since items can be easily relocated whenever you want.

Contents: Package of one pad. (Specify size required in drop down menu).

Available in black, gray or (limited amounts of putty).

See all the Friction Mats for other shapes of QuakeMat™.