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Ratchet Overstraps are used to fasten thermally insulated items such as refrigerators, vending machines, and even flammable liquids storage cabinets. These straps allow fastening without screwing into the body of the item. These types of items may contain freon tubes or exposed wiring which could be dangerous. The thermal insulation barrier will also be compromised causing improper performance of the appliance.

There is no need to constantly re-tighten the item since the straps are made of high-quality nylon seat belt webbing that does not stretch.

A specially designed seatbelt end bracket pulls at a 45 degree angle away from the anchor to ensure maximum effectiveness when anchoring to a concrete floor.

For Side by Side equipment, allow 5"- 6" for clearance of the ratchet mechanism to be cinched properly.

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Ratchet 1 Ratchet 2 Ratchet 3 Ratchet 4


Ratchet strap in use

  • Ideal for large refrigerators, ice machines, vending machines, etc.
  • Secures unit to floor without drilling into body
  • Adjustable Nylon straps
  • Heavy-duty steel ratchet tightly cinches strap to unit
  • Available in black or silver


Strap 2" Wide non-stretch Nylon webbing

3 ft. ratchet end, 14 ft. tail (RS 30.14)
3 ft. ratchet end, 24 ft. tail (RS 30.24)
6.5 ft. ratchet end, 14 ft. tail (RS 65.14)
6.5 ft. ratchet end, 24 ft. tail (RS 65.24)
7.5 ft. ratchet end, 14 ft. tail (RS 75.14)
7.5 ft. ratchet end, 24 ft. tail (RS 75.24)

Also available in 1" width
(RS1 + size specification)
Buckle Seatbelt Ends:
Steel, 45° angle, 1/2" center hole
Ratchet Steel
Color Black
Strap Guide optional:
Black - 2 pieces (SG 224BA)
Silver - 2 pieces (SG 224SA)
Black - 4 pieces (SG 424BA)
Silver - 4 pieces (SG 424SA)