SeismaLok™ Fastener Kit - "2-point" for TV

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SeismaLoks™ are the highest quality and easiest to use strap and buckle adhesive-based fastening system available.

Our exclusive PVC and polyurethane strapping material is designed to reduce stress on the adhesive which maximizes its overall holding strength.

We've made SeismaLoks™ easy to install with a one-size buckle that fits most items. The cut-to-length strapping makes installation a breeze.

This popular system provides an extremely versatile and universal method to secure all types of electronic items such as TV's,VCR's, stereo equipment, speakers, CPU's, etc., with "2-point", "4-point", or stackable fastening.

QuakeMats™ can be added for protection against sliding motion.

Kit contains: (1) 1" x 3 ft roll of strapping, (4) peel and stick buckles ("2-point"), alcohol swabs and installation instructions.


Strap Stretchable strapping material is a proprietary blend of PVC and polyurethane
1" wide roll
Buckle Made of molded high strength ABS plastic with 3M® VHB adhesive backing
1" x 2"
Color Black