Sesamee Combination Padlock (Black)


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Sesamee Combination Padlock.

Keyless means security and convenience. No keys to carry, lose or break. You set the combination to a number that's easy to remember - your address, telephone number, birthday, anniversary, etc. Change the combination as often as you want - up to 10,000 possible combinations.

All Brass internal locking mechanism with black epoxy finish. Automatic "0000" stop. Full instructions furnished with each lock. Available carded from stock.

Sesamee Padlocks are Built for Maximum Security and Guaranteed to Last a Lifetime.

For a keyed locking solution, see the ABUS padlock

  • Shackle Diam : 5/16 in

  • Shackle Length : 2 1/4 in

  • Shackle Inner Width : 1 in

  • Shackle Material : Hardened Steel, Chrome Plated

  • Body Width : 1 7/8 in

  • Body Material : Heavy Pressure Cast

  • Finish : Black Epoxy