Sit-Stand SmartMat-Hard Surface

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The Sit-Stand SmartMat-Hard Surface provides a roomy 22" x 32" area to stand on and is made of a unique rubber cushion compound that is 5/8" thick. It easily is moved back and forth under the desk over wood flooring, tile, concrete or plastic chair mats over carpet, without bending or lifting, thanks to a unique foot activated pressure point that allows the mat to "move like magic".

By pressing the activation surface with your foot, the mat can be slid under desk out of the way of chair casters when sitting. Press it again to pull it from beneath the desk for standing, eliminating uneven surface for chair to roll over.

  • Foot Activated, which allows the mat to "move like magic"
  • Easily moved back and forth under the desk without bending or lifting
  • Most comfortable mat on the market for sock, stocking or bare feet as the soft, breathable top isn't sticky or hot.
  • Made in the USA
  • Color: Black, Gray or Brown

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