TekStrap Wall Mount Kit

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The TekStrap Wall Mount Kit allows fastening of thermally insulated items such as refrigerators, freezers, incubators, and even flammable liquids storage cabinets without screwing into the body of the item. These types of items may contain Freon tubes or exposed wiring which could be dangerous. The thermal insulation barrier will also be compromised causing improper performance of the appliance.

Our TekStrap™ Wall Mount Kit and TekStrap™ Large Appliance Straps do not require screwing into the unit; the straps use 3m® VHB™ adhesive-backed stainless steel stud plates rated at 600 lbs. maximum hold, to attach to the unit. A specially designed stainless steel end bracket pulls at a 90-degree angle away from the anchor to ensure maximum effectiveness when anchoring to wall stud or (customer supplied wall-mounted U-Channel or Unistrut** shown in image).

**Unistrut is available at most industrial contractor supply centers. Call our toll free number for information and availability 1-888-370-8838 ext 3583.

Occasionally two sets of straps must be used for very large equipment. TekStrap™ is made from a special non-corrosive and non-porous coated material rated at a tear strength of 1500 PSI = 3,000 lbs., that does not absorb liquids and prevents the growth of fungus and bacteria. This coated surface makes it very easy to clean for a sterile environment.


Click here for installation applications (pdf)

TSA-22** Kit Includes:

  • (2)-2"x(24")pre-punched Black color TekStraps
  • (2)-2"x3" Stainless Steel double-stud plates with 3M VHB #4956.pdf Adhesive
  • (2)-"LP 2 x 2.5" Stainless Steel brackets
  • Fastening hardware includes 2" Tek / lag screws with washers.
  • Alcohol Pads

For Strut Mounted Applications see TSAU-2224P