Workplace Services

In 2012, the US experienced more than 30 earthquakes large enough to cause damage to buildings and their contents (> 5.0). Is your business ready for "the Big One" or the (even more probable) "moderate one"?

WorkSafe Technologies provides assessment, installation and maintenance services to protect your office, laboratory or other work environment from damage caused by earthquakes.

WorkSafe Technologies can work with you in the development of an earthquake mitigation plan to help you assess the areas of risk in your workplace and propose products and installation services that will help protect the safety of your workers and your equipment during and after a seismic event.

Office Environments
WorkSafe Technologies offers a wide variety of ways to secure valuable desktop equipment when an earthquake strikes. We also have a wide array of fastening systems and methods for securing tall office furnishings, such as bookcases, file and storage cabinets and large appliances.
Hospitals / Medical Centers
Complete fastening service for hospitals includes complex areas such as: ICU, CCU, ER, pharmacy, laboratories, etc. Methods meet or exceed JCAHO and OSHPD requirements. Specialty fastening of countertop lab instruments and equipment such as: microscopes, incubators, computers, centrifuges, balances, and analyzers. The complete service includes securing large floor-standing items such as: CO₂ incubators, refrigerators centrifuges, chemistry analyzers, lab hoods, anaerobic chambers, lab tables, etc.
Warehouse / Storage/ Manufacturing
Fastening of storage and pallet racks to prevent toppling. Several methods for retaining shelf contents such as straps, nets and pallet bumpers. Concrete floor anchoring of machinery, storage tanks, cylinders, mechanical equipment, power transformers and control units.
Data Centers / Computer Rooms
No one offers more truly innovative ways to protect your enterprise! From state architect approved fastening methods to innovative seismic isolation technology, we can protect your critical computing equipment. ISO-Base™ seismic isolation platforms exceed UBC Seismic Zone 4 requirements.